Nativos was born in the Amazon, the largest forest in the world that extends throughout some areas of countries such as Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela and Bolivia and it has earned the nickname of “the lung of the planet.“ There live different indigenous tribes such as the Nahua, Cashibo-cacataibo, Masco-piros, Nanti, Matsigenkas in the area of Peru, the Piripkura, Kawahiva, Korubos, Kuikuro in the area of Brazil and finally in the Colombian Amazon are the Yurí and the Nukak. They coexist with singular animals and nature and grow different fruits, we transformed it, recharged it and exported it to the world. Our passion for the natural knows no borders, it inspires us to bring you the most exotic flavors, healthy foods and juicy fruits of the jungle to your glass.

The fusion of cultures, colors, textures, scents and flavors of the Amazon inspired the creation and opening of Nativos Amazónicos.



By 2020, Nativos Amazónicos will position itself as the leading brand in the healthy food segment and extending its chain of sales points to achieve greater geographic reach worldwide. It will be recognized for continuous innovation in processes of food handling, packaging, service and quality.


Nativos Amazónicos will be recognized as a place where love, passion and respect for the natural merge and create a unique native experience characterized by excellent service, healthy foods solutions, quality products, refreshing beverages and original style at the points of sale for its aesthetics and ambience.


The Amazon jungle is rich in its flora and fauna and conserves the vital energy of Mother Earth. Nativos Amazónicos offers you a great selection of juices produced by the combination of fruits that are directly harvested in one of the seventh wonders of the world. Despite the hectic pace of life today, each day we are getting more aware that the body is the temple of the soul. Therefore we offer you combinations of nutritious and energizing foods that create a balance between pleasure and nature.

We do not forget our roots, we respect life and the environment, we carry the vision of the natives and we act responsibly when cultivating and harvesting. We are proud to bring you extraordinary products directly from the Amazon and make your reconnection with Mother Earth possible.


Our clients are welcome, we treat them as a guest at home.



We identify the needs of our consumers and customers and supply them with new products.


High Quality

We work efficiently, we always try to improve.

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